for three generations

“We don’t inherit the land from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children”

Madrevite began in the area around Castiglione del Lago, in the hills surrounding Trasimeno Lake and Lake Chiusi between Umbria and Tuscany. Three generations of wine producers, who have handed down the strong, constant bond between man and nature.

Madrevite was founded in 2003, when Nicola began to restore the family business and decided to replant part of his grandfather Zino’s old vineyards, dating back to 1978. That was the beginning of his new project.

My cultural roots are riveted to the land: I have always been a winegrower. My family’s tradition in wine tells a timeless story of wisdom, steadfastness, collaboration, meticulousness and trust (because the harvest doesn’t always come up to expectations and the farmer is well aware of that). I wanted to face the new millennium by writing another chapter in this story to treasure the store of knowledge handed down to me.”

We are farmers as a result of experience, dedication and a mission. The business, like all past agricultural properties, began as a means to make a living. This is why it includes not only vineyards, but also olive groves and arable land to produce cereals and legumes. “To be an organic farm today, for me is an act of love and of belief in an ethical, sustainable approach for us and for those who follow us.”

So far, Madrevite consists of approximately 60 hectares – 11 of which are under vines – which extend across three different hills of Lake Trasimeno: “This is where I was born and the area I want to continue to enrich.

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Why Madrevite?

A Madrevite is an ancient tool the Umbrian wine producers of the past used in the wine cellars to fasten the spigot to the barrels full of wine. It symbolises the bond between the past and the traditions which, together with modern agronomic and wine cellar practices, is the true essence of our wine production.