from 3 generations

Between Umbria and Tuscany, in the hills that embrace Lake Trasimeno and Lake Chiusi, in the municipality of Castiglione del Lago, Madrevite was born. Three generations of wine producers who hand down the unchanged and deep bond between man and nature.

The land teaches constancy, because it requires daily care. Scrupulousness, because it cannot stand sloppy and superficial work. Trust, because the harvest does not always correspond to expectations. The earth teaches collaboration, because it requires many hands and many arms. It teaches humility and sharing, because it is the common good for excellence.

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Why Madrevite?

The Madrevite is an ancient tool used in the cellar by Umbrian winemakers in the past to fix the escapole to barrels full of wine. A link with the past and traditions that, combined with modern agronomic and cellar practices, constitutes the true essence of our small production.